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When a player completes a mission, I will automatically post on his feed something like this:

$url = "";

'name'          => "Title3",
'link'          => "",
'description'   => 'description here',

Technically, it's all working now, but the rules/policy of Facebook is not really clear to me. Do I have to ask the player permission every time? (not the technical permission, because they already give it the first time they login)

I just want to post there automatically when a player does some action. It's a game that is not ON Facebook, but using Facebook login.

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Yes, Facebook Policy ( isn’t really clear here, as it states:

If a user grants you a publishing permission, actions you take on the user's behalf must be expected by the user and consistent with the user's actions within your app.

But unfortunately, most likely you have to ask the player permission every time. See explanation at

App does not automatically post Stream stories on a user’s behalf and instead obtains consent by providing users with an option to click a button or check a box that clearly explains their content will be shared.

This is certainly not about permission given at the first login.

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