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I am working on oracle table to pull the data. In one of the query i am using 'where' to filtering between date.

To_Date(VDATU,'DD-MON-YYYY') >= '03-Jun-2012'
AND To_Date(VDATU,'dd-mon-yy') <= '04-Sep-2012'

I am getting error,

ORA-01861: literal does not match format string

I tried using ('dd-mm-yy') but still it is giving the same error. what may the problem??

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That error could occur as a result of the To_Date calls, or as a result of the implicit conversion of the strings (e.g. '03-Jun-2012') to dates. –  Jeffrey Kemp Sep 4 '12 at 4:57

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You are trying to convert VDATU (which is presumably a VARCHAR2) into a date.

In one place you have DD-MON-YYYY and in the other you have dd-mon-yy.

Which one is it? VDATU can not be valid for both.

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yeah it is varchar2. it is in format of '01122011'. what is the correct format to be used for conversion?? –  Olivarsham Sep 4 '12 at 3:46
Your example is ambiguous, but either 'ddmmyyyy' (1st December) or 'mmddyyyy' (12th Jan). –  WW. Sep 4 '12 at 4:43

You're comparing a DATE with a String, try instead:

To_Date(VDATU,'DD-MON-YYYY') >= To_Date('03-JUN-2012','DD-MON-YYYY')
AND To_Date(VDATU,'dd-mon-yy') <= To_Date('04-SEP-2012','DD-MON-YYYY')

In case VDATU is already a date, you shouldn't convert it to_date, all you have to do is:

VDATU >= To_Date('03-JUN-2012','DD-MON-YYYY')
AND VDATU <= To_Date('04-SEP-2012','DD-MON-YYYY')
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