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I'm fairly new to Interface Builder (I'm using RubyMotion, btw), and would like to see how others organize their view tags. I have a lot of view components that really should be grouped together, like a UILabel on top of a UIView.

My initial thoughts are to have a single function that takes care of all the mapping of view tags to view objects. Something like this:

def mapTags
  @awesomeButton = AwesomeButton.new(
    :view => view.viewWithTag 1,
    :label => view.viewWithTag 2

def viewDidLoad

This still isn't very satisfactory, which is why I'm hoping someone much more experienced/clever can offer a superior solution.

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well if you need to tag all your views and you have alot of em, i suggest you do it whenever you initialize a view instead of separating it in a function, that is the safest way. In objective-c, i usually create specific macro's for each tag and then whenever i initialize the view, i assign the macro for that tag, ex:

#define kMyFirstViewTag 2
#define kMyLabelTag     3


[myFirstView setTag:kMyFirstViewTag];

This way you can group certain views by name (kMyGroup1LabelTag) and you can access them easily by tag name.

I dont know much about ruby, but im pretty sure there should be a way to achieve the same result.

Hope this answer is helpful.

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I appreciate the answer. That's essentially what I'm doing with Ruby. I guess I wish Interface Builder didn't constrain tag names to just integers--then I could name my elements in IB. So for grouping, there is no way to express in IB that two elements belong together? That part must be entirely done in code? –  user94154 Sep 4 '12 at 3:07
well theres no such thing as 'grouping' in IB. I dont know exactly what you are trying to do but if you have UIViews embedded as subviews in a parent UIView, they are in a way grouped. Of course i wouldnt do that just for the sake of 'grouping' them. If it is just for referral and organizing things, then id say you only have name tagging. –  KDaker Sep 4 '12 at 6:48

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