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I have an Amazon EC2 machine. I would like to clone an older version of github repo on this machine. Normally I use git clone https://linktomyrepo.git How can I clone an older version, say an update from 14 days ago? I can see the exact version I need in the commit history of repository, but do not know how to clone it onto the EC2 machine. Do I need to use the little SHA code next to each commit?

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You can always checkout any state you like by using a commit hash.

For instance, by looking a the log, you identified that 233ab4ef was the state you were interested in, issue a git checkout 233ab4ef to checkout that state.

Another way to achieve this is by using git checkout @{14.days.ago}

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ok sweet. thanks a lot! –  Mobie Sep 4 '12 at 3:26

Git is not designed that way. When you clone a repository, you are copying all versions.

So first clone a repository (which does initially checkout the latest version), then checkout the version you actually want.

You can checkout the commit based on the hash.

git checkout afe52

You can also checkout based on date (instead of looking up the hash), eg:

git checkout 'master@{1979-02-26 18:30:00}'
git checkout @{14.days.ago}

To check the commits you can checkout, use git log.

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