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I'm writing a rails engine that has some dependencies. I've specified the dependencies in the gemspec and the engine is finding them when I run bundle install (i.e. Gemfile.lock looks correct). When I want to use the plugin in a Ruby file, I can do so but need to explicitly require dependency-name at the top of the file.

However, when I want to use the dependency's asset pipeline, sprockets can't find it.

The app I'm using (for now) is the dummy app that comes in a rails plugin's test folder. Sprockets can find the assets if I specify them in the engine's Gemfile (which is really the dummy app's Gemfile), but not if I specify them in the gemspec. I don't want to rely on the Gemfile because that means that any app that uses my plugin will need to manually add all my dependencies to their Gemfile. For the same reason I don't want a solution that involves updating the app's config file.

This works (in a ruby file) when dependency is included from gemspec:

`require 'dependency-name'`

but this (in a JS file) doesn't work when dependency is included from gemspec:

`//= require 'dependency-name'`

Neither require is needed when dependency is included from Gemfile. I think it's pretty clear but let me know if you need more specifics.

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I needed to include the dependency explicitly in my engine.rb in order for its assets to end up in my asset pipeline. Not sure why this is necessary, as Alastor's answer sounded correct to me. It's worth noting that the dependencies are gems that I created using bundler, though I don't see why that should make a difference.

module MyRailsPluginFull
  class Engine < ::Rails::Engine
    require 'dependency1'
    require 'dependency2'

Added 11/23/12

Having spent some more time working with Engines, I think I understand this more fully now. Gemspecs are just of a list of dependencies that are required, but the gemspec doesn't instruct the application, on startup, to load the files from those dependencies. Gemfiles, on the other hand, do load all the files during startup.

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Thanks a lot ! This was puzzling me... –  M.G.Palmer Jan 14 '13 at 13:29
Thank you very much, this helps me a lot! –  Bigxiang Sep 16 '13 at 4:25

You designed your engine according to the http://edgeguides.rubyonrails.org/engines.html ? If your engine class inherits from Rails::Engine, it really should find all assets by itself.

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Commenting Isaac's own answer: Do you notice a difference in behaviour when not specifying the dependency in the gemspec but in the engines own Gemfile? –  Atastor Sep 5 '12 at 7:07
Yes, I've noticed that rake tasks are only inherited when you specify in the Gemfile. You're probably right that this is another difference, though I'm a bit too busy to verify at the moment. –  Isaac Betesh Sep 23 '12 at 0:33

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