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Here are some request to a search page I have


Well, what is the most efficient way to make a request to Article model depending on a query? I wouldn't like to do something like this

@articles = Article.all
@articles = Article.find_by_tag(params[:tag]) if params[:tag]
@articles = Article.where("title like ?", params[:title]) if params[:title]
@articles = Article.find_by_author(params[:author]) if params[:author]
@articles = Article.find_by_is_deprecated(params[:is_deprecated]) if params[:is_deprecated]

Your thoughts?

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It was written in 2009, it's deprecated. – Oskar K. Sep 4 '12 at 5:16

No need to execute sql query each time... use ruby way. You can use following method..

@articles = Article.all!{ |article| article.tag==params[:tag] } if params[:tag].present?!{ |article| article.title==params[:title]} if params[:title].present?!{ |article|[:author]} if params[:author].present?!{ |article| article.is_deprecated==params[:is_deprecated]} if params[:is_deprecated].present?
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