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I need to detect from a native JAVA (non phonegap plugin) class if phonegap's web view has finished loading. Is this possible, or will I need to rely on structuring my code as a plugin?

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is this possible? – Andres Gallo Sep 4 '12 at 14:32

I finally found a solution (tested and works). It's a tricky workaround but does the job.

Step 1: Create a new class in the same package as your MainActivity like this:

public class MyClass{
    private WebView appView;

    public MyClass(DroidGap gap, WebView view){
        appView = view;

    public void onLoaded(){
        // This will be called when webview loaded

Step 2: Add the following lines to the very end of onCreate() in your MainActivity:

MyClass ai = new MyClass(this, super.appView);
super.appView.addJavascriptInterface(ai, "MyClass");

It should look something like this:

public void onCreate(Bundle icicle) {

    MyClass ai = new MyClass(this, super.appView);
    super.appView.addJavascriptInterface(ai, "MyClass");

Step 3: In your JavaScript code in assets/www add this:

document.addEventListener("deviceready", function(){
        // Might throw an error but onLoaded() gets called correctly

Important: Make sure that cordova.js is correctly included in your index.html

This did the job for me.

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