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In my query using Symfony 1.4/Propel 1.4, for pagination purpose, I need to set limit like

Page1: LIMIT 0,6
Page2: LIMIT 6,6
Page3: LIMIT 12,6
.... & so on

I try


Which is generating


I didn't find setLimit methods with two parameters or similar function to set starting limit too. This is very common operation & I'm sure must be available in Propel but I'm unable to figure it out till now.

Can someone please suggest how set required limit (LIMIT 0,6)

Edit Just for info, if needed, I'm using MySQL as database.

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You should use limit() and offset(), described here.


LIMIT 12,6

use (if you are using the 1.6 ModelCriteria)


and if you use old criteria:


By the way, why do you build your own pager? Symfony profive a sfPager (generic) and also a sfPropelPager which handle that pretty well (even if you use a custom criteria, you can defined it using setCriteria()).

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Thanks @j0k. Well I never used sfPropelPager. Thanks for that info. I'll definitely look into it after code freeze of first version of product next week and also switch to latest version of propel. – Kapil Sharma Sep 4 '12 at 9:24

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