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I'm looking for a template engine that meets a specific criteria:

  • It can render JSON directly. For example:


template.render("This is a json object: {{jsonObject}}", {jsonObject : {property: "string"}})

would output this:

"This is a json object: {jsonObject : {property: "string"}}"

And not this:

"This is a json object: [Object object]"

However, I should still be able to do this:

template.render("This is a property: {{}}", {jsonObject : {property: "string"}})

And get this:

"This is a property: string"

  • It works with express.js

  • It uses normal HTML. Nothing like haml/jade.

  • It can render unescaped values, the less boilerplate the better.

The reason: I'm working on a project where I want someone to be able to create an html document that uses a passed in JSON object inside of its script tags. There are simpler ways to achieve that goal I realize, for example the object could be stringified, but I think being able to manipulate that object with a templating engine as well would have some benefits.

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pretty sure any templating engine does as long as you do {{JSON.stringify(jsonObject)}} – Jonathan Ong Sep 5 '12 at 1:10
Thanks! I wouldn't want arbitrary JavaScript functions to be runnable from within the template, so I ended up using Handlebars and creating a stringify helper function that does this. – Nathan Breit Sep 8 '12 at 22:22

try it is rendering engine that works both client and server side

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There is "JSON Template" but I'm not sure about "as express engine" I would definitely propose to (use) swig -

the author explained it here - it's pretty simple ;): access json data using swig-template

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