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I tried the following question in this forum Adding Header in Listview

but the problem is same I've used a linearlayout having three textview as header to my multicolumn listview but the problem is that the columns do not align themselves under the header how can I give separate header to each column of multicolumn listview


Is there an open source implementation of multi column list available which supports column headers?? thanks in advance!!!

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I think this link will help you to add header.

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Link rot happens. Please sum up or quote the crucial bits here. Link-only answers are subject to deletion. –  ЯegDwight Sep 4 '12 at 9:25
The linked tutorial only shows how to provide an header with two columns of equal size. The question is more general: how do you align headers with columns when they have not the same size? It's not very easy unless you end up specifying absolute sizes. –  Antonio Sesto Feb 17 at 17:59

consider using ExpandableListView.

  • It provides a lot of convenience methods when you are dealing with 'sections' in listview.
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