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I am playing with generating dot files and then turned them into SVG graphs with a lot of nodes.

My question is that are there event listeners to detect mouse clicks on dot/SVG graph nodes?

For example, right click on a node in the SVG graph, I do something(maybe get the related information from the node and then do something),

Then how to generate dot file or SVG file to achieve this?

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There are several ways to create an interactive SVG graph:

In any case, you'll have to display the svg graphs in a client which supports any of those technologies (browser), and you will have to code it in addition to the svg output graphviz creates.

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If you want interactive graphs then graphviz might not be the best choice.

I'd recommend having a look at D3.js. Perhaps you could construct the graph data in json and load them with D3?

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Yeah...possibly I will go for the json route if I can't do what I want on svg... –  user618815 Sep 4 '12 at 19:44
D3 is typically used together with svg (generating an svg representation of some dataset). One of the main benefits compared to using graphviz is that all graph layout is done dynamically in the browser. –  Erik Dahlström Sep 4 '12 at 21:55

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