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I've tried to google around but I still can't find the best answer.

All I want is very simple, I am new to Android and I am developing a Game which will give some daily Bonuses to the user, if he plays Everyday. My Code is:

date = new Date();
    dateFormate = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy/MM/dd");
    dateString = dateFormate.format(date);
            sharedPreferences.putString("date", dateString).commit();
            ... Here I give Bonus to user

BUT the Problem is, This code is dependent on the System Date. User can Easily change the date and can get its daily Reward. I want to track 24 hours time once he starts playing The game. Can Anyone Help me Please. This would be much Appreciated.

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If your app has internet access you could get time from your own server, rather than user time.

You could listen to Intent.ACTION_TIME_CHANGED and sync with server time only if you have recieved this intent. You wont be syncing with server unless user changes time manually.

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instead of comparing that date has changed you can check if

  • date is bigger than previos one: asssign bonus and remeber date
  • date is smaller than previos one: user is cheating-remove all bonuses and do not update old date

this solution is of course not bullet proof but more secure than you previos one

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But issue would be same. User can update the date to next day, every time after getting reward. It would return me bigger value.... –  M.Mohsin Sep 4 '12 at 7:15
that#s true but as soon as you set the date back (which is necesary to use calendar and alarmclock) you will loose the bonus. –  k3b Sep 4 '12 at 9:12

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