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Q: How can i make mysql query search in multiple rows

What i want to make script search is:

if kat_preces_params.params_id is equal to 124 AND kat_preces_params.nosaukums is  LIKE '%$make%',

AND if kat_preces_params.params_id is equal to 125 AND kat_preces_params.nosaukums is LIKE '%$model%' 

AND IF kat_preces_params.params_id is equal to 126 AND kat_preces_params.nosaukums <=2009 AND kat_preces_params.nosaukums >=2000

How i tried to do it (i know it's wrong, 'cause it doesn't display right values...):

PHP checking the year:

if($year == '2010 - ...'){
    $gads = 'kat_preces_params.nosaukums <=2010';
elseif($year == '2000 - 2009'){
    $gads = 'kat_preces_params.nosaukums <=2009 AND kat_preces_params.nosaukums >=2000';
elseif($year == '2000 - 2004'){
    $gads = "kat_preces_params.nosaukums <=2004 AND kat_preces_params.nosaukums >= 2000";
elseif($year == '... - 1999'){
    $gads = "kat_preces_params.nosaukums <=1991";


AND I have a mysql query looking like this:

SELECT kat_prece.*, kat_preces_params.* FROM kat_prece, kat_preces_params WHERE pamat_kat_sad = '$cat_mod_id' 
AND kat_prece.preces_id = kat_preces_params.preces_id 
AND ((
    AND kat_preces_params.nosaukums LIKE '%$make%'
    || (
        AND kat_preces_params.nosaukums LIKE '%$model%'
    AND kat_preces_params.params_id=126 
    AND $gads

$model and $make are requested values

Maybe it's possible with INNER JOIN or somehow (don't know nothing about inner join)?


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Did you tried that query? What's wrong? Do you have errors? Which ones? – Roberto Trunfio Sep 4 '12 at 6:29
What actually is the datattype for kat_preces_params.nosaukums? – hjpotter92 Sep 4 '12 at 6:30
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  • Change the $gads definition to this: kat_preces_params.nosaukums BETWEEN 2000 AND 2009 and so on.
  • From your first set of prerequisites, I think what you need is something like: kat_preces_params.params_id IN (124, 125, 126) AND kat_preces_params.nosaukums LIKE '%$make%' OR kat_preces_params.nosaukums LIKE '%$model%'.

What I don't understand is that what type of data is there in kat_preces_params.nosaukums where you are once comparing them as INTEGER and another time, as STRINGS.

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kat_preces_params.nosaukums datatype is longtext – user1317647 Sep 4 '12 at 6:49
@Pēteris Can you provide a sample table on sqlfiddle? Also, please explain what kind of output you want with an example. – hjpotter92 Sep 4 '12 at 8:16

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