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I am trying to open new appointment from the AddIn in Outlook 2010. When sending such an appointment the page is hanging and at times the appointment page is not getting closed after sending the appointment. But when I open the appointment from the file menu the explained problem is never seen and it is very fast. There might be a mistake I am making.

How I am opening the appointmentItem from the Ribbon.cs

var newAppointment =
newAppointment.MeetingStatus = OlMeetingStatus.olMeeting;

How the ribbon button looks. On clicking which the above code gets executed. Sample Ribbon Button

New Appointment Item is opened and not pressed sent yet. New Appointment item opened

After pressing send, the appointment is sent to the users and saved to my calender but something is wrong and not getting closed. Distorted look

When I tried to debug I found that it is reloading the ribbon, I am not sure if it reopening the page. But I am clue less.

What might be the reason? Let me know if I have presented clear enough.

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