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I've got a simple problem that I'm not quite sure how to get around using a loop to grab php variables and add them together

Let's say I've got this loop

$total = 0;
while ( $foo ='bar' );
    $amount = meta($row, 'amount');

$total = 'NEW AMOUNT';

my question is, how do I add amounts (anywhere from 1 to 200) together to create the bottom $total? the amount of objects from while ( $foo ='bar'); is ever growing and can be 2 total objects, or 2000.

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add to $total and change the ; in front of the while with : to start that while:

$total = 0;
while ( $foo = 'bar' ):
    $total += meta($row, 'amount'); // assuming `meta()` is one of your functions that extract `amount` from someplace ..

echo $total;
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wonderful! Works great :) - PS yes, meta() is one of my functions :). Thanks!! –  Xhynk Sep 4 '12 at 7:31
$total = 0;
while ( $foo ='bar' )
    $amount = meta($row, 'amount');
    $total = $total + $amount;

Something like this? If both $total and $amount are integers you can just add them together.

Also I assume meta() is a method which calculates an amount and returns it?

Notice how I changed the while loop (added braces), after the closing brace you should have your $total variable with the total amount in it.

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