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I am trying to use a nested options, (optionsText, optionsValue) and value binding inside a foreach binding in KO.

I expected the following code to bind the select box to the ViewModel's related Item but it doesn't appear to be updating the values in the view model - they always stay as the value I initialised them with "n/a" - how can I do that?

I have set up a html page as follows:

    <tbody data-bind="foreach: Items">
                <select data-bind="options: $parent.Countries, optionsText: 'Name', optionsValue: 'Code', value: 'Country'"></select>
                <span data-bind="text: Country"></span>                    
            <td colspan="2">
                <a href="#" data-bind="click: AddItem">Add item</a>

With the following JavaScript:

var countries = ko.observableArray([
    { Name : "United Kingdom", Code : "UK", Population : "1 Monarch" },
    { Name : "Australia", Code : "AU", Population : "22 million kangaroos" },
    { Name : "Antarctica", Code : "AQ", Population : "100,000 penguins (0 polar bears)" }

var item = { Country : "n/a" };

var ViewModel = function() {
    this.Countries = countries;

    this.Items = ko.observableArray();
    this.AddItem = function() {
var vm = new ViewModel();


The fiddle is here

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Remove quotes from value binding:

<select data-bind="options: $parent.Countries, 
                   optionsText: 'Name', 
                   optionsValue: 'Code', 
                   value: Country"></select>

Here is working fiddle: link

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Thanks - that was the problem. Fiddly! – Darbio Sep 4 '12 at 7:21

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