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In Selenium IDE 1.9.0 there are options to export testcases as Java / JUnit4 / Webdriver and Java / TestNG / Remote Control (along with many more options).

I want to know is there any way to export the test case as Java / TestNG /Webdriver? If not is there any workaround for the same? Or can we export it as JUnit and change it to TestNG in some simple steps??

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Currently it is not possible to do that!


Export it as Java JUnit4 Webdriver and just change the imports and annotations.

Thats all you need to do

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Yes, exactly. After exporting as Java JUnit4 Webdriver, it needs some modification. After that, it's ready to execute in TestNG –  Ripon Al Wasim Dec 3 '12 at 9:42

Yes, it is not possible to export the Selenese scripts from IDE to Java/ TestNG/ WebDriver. But, you can edit the scripts and run on TestNG. It works!!

For alternate solution, make use of Selenium Builder from Sauce for this combination https://saucelabs.com/builder

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If you must use the Selenium IDE then you'll have to export as Java JUnit4 Webdriver and change the imports and annotations, but don't do that...

Use Saucebuilder. It's a far better tool than the Selenium IDE mostly because it properly understands the difference between the Selenium 1 API and the Selenium 2 API, and, well it works. Sure the UI is clunky, but I'll take a clunky UI over hacking the output of a tool that kinda-sorta-works every time. Here's the link...


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