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we are building a Wicket application using Single Page Design. We trying to find out the best method to create a basic structure. My idea is that each dynamically loaded HTML components extends "Panel" (

However how can I load such a Panel into a div or content area into my application? I don't want to use AjaxTabbedPanel, as I will need to load Panels for example by clicking on the menu but also as result of other click events somewhere in the application I will need to replace certain Panels.

So the question might be: How to load a Panel using Ajax in Wicket? For example from a Menu button, or for example from any button in the application.

Thanks! Sebastian

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You can add a Panel to a div:


<div wicket:id="panel" />


final YourPanel panel = new YourPanel("panel");

To change the Panel that is attached to the page I would surround the panel by an markup container, change the Panel on an (ajax) event (remove the old one and attach a newly created one) and update the markup container.


<div wicket:id="markupContainer">
    <div wicket:id="panel" />


// initially create the panel
final WebMarkupContainer wmc = new WebMarkupContainer("markupContainer");
Panel panel = new YourPanel("panel");

// ...

// updating the panel on an ajax event (here: button click)
final AjaxButton yourButton = new AjaxButton(...) {
    public void onSubmit(AjaxRequestTarget target) {
        panel = new AnotherPanel("panel");
// ...
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Thanks a lot for your example we will try out! – seba.wagner Sep 4 '12 at 10:57

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