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I am a beginner in c# and have a keen interest to learn c#, but I am confused. When I asked some one what the difference is between Function and method, he said to me that there is no difference, that they both have the same functionality.
Now I am quite confused and want to know from good developers what methods and functions are?

Are they both the same? If not, then how do I initialize each one??

Is this way to initialize a function correct?

public void UpdateLeaveStatus(EmployeeLeave objUpdateLeaveStatus)

Please provide proper help as I am new.

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Function is the process-oriented name, method the OO name. Since C# (and VB.NET) are object oriented languages you should use method. –  Tim Schmelter Sep 4 '12 at 7:51
Mean to say that both are same ?? –  Ammar Asjad Sep 4 '12 at 7:52
VB-Side-note: don't mix up Functions in VB.NET with functions, they are also methods with return values as opposed to Subs which don't return anything (but are also methods). –  Tim Schmelter Sep 4 '12 at 8:01
Well, the difference is in the spelling. Just like the difference between soccer and football(not American football.) –  Shakti Prakash Singh Sep 4 '12 at 8:17
And with regard to second part of your question, what do you want help with, function or method? –  Shakti Prakash Singh Sep 4 '12 at 8:19

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Both are same, there is no difference its just a different term for the same thing in C#.


In object-oriented programming, a method is a subroutine (or procedure or function) associated with a class.

With respect to Object Oriented programming the term "Method" is used, not functions.

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When a "function" is a part of some class, it's called "method". C# is an OOP language and it doesn't contain such thing as function that is declared outside of class, that's why all functions in C# are actually methods.

Though, beside this formal difference, they are the same...

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There is no functions in c#. There is methods (typical method:public void UpdateLeaveStatus(EmployeeLeave objUpdateLeaveStatus)) link to msdn and functors - variable of type Func<>

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All methods are functions. Not all functions are methods. –  Gavin Towey Sep 4 '12 at 8:16
Did you read my link to msdn? There is no term "function" in c#. –  Kirill Bestemyanov Sep 4 '12 at 9:24

well, in some programming languages they are called functions others call it methods, the fact is they are the same thing. It just represents an abstractized form of reffering to a mathematical function:

f -> f(N:N).

meaning its a function with values from natural numbers (just an example). So besides the name Its exactly the same thing, representing a block of code containing instructions in resolving your purpose.

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Programmers from structural programming language background know it as a function while in OOPS it's called a method.

But there's not any difference between the two.

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From Object-Oriented Programming Concept:

If you have a function that is accessing/muttating the fields of your class, it becomes method. Otherwise, it is a function.

It will not be a crime if you keep calling all the functions in Java/C++ classes as methods. The reason is that you are directly/indirectly accessing/mutating class properties. So why not all the functions in Java/C++ classes are methods?

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In C#, they are interchangeable (although method is the proper term) because you cannot write a method without incorporating it into a class. If it were independent of a class, then it would be a function. Methods are functions that operate through a designated class.

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Both are the same, both are a term which means to encapsulate some code into a unit of work which can be called from elsewhere.

Historically, there may have been a subtle difference with a "method" being something which does not return a value, and a "function" one which does. in C# that would translate as:

public void DoSomething() {} // method
public int DoSomethingAndReturnMeANumber(){} // function

But really, I re-iterate that there is really no difference in the 2 concepts.

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