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I've allocaten 5 places for a struct - where each CELL is a pointer to the struct. now I want the second cell for example to point on my struct but I get an error : expression must be a modifiable value. I get the point that I'm relocating my pointer, but I don't understand how can I fix it without copying all the values.

here is the example i'm using : (the relevant stuff)

    typedef struct childrenArray
    PXML_ELEMENT    childrenArray;
     UINT32         numOfChildren;
     UINT32         maxNumOfChildren;

 typedef struct xml_Element
     PDATA_ELEMENT           pData;
     PCHILDREN_ARR          pChildrenArr;
     PXML_ELEMENT           pParent;
     PATTR_ARR              pAttributeArr;
     UINT32                     depth;

when I'n creating the children array : the code is :

retArr->childrenArray = (PXML_ELEMENT)Calloc(retArr->maxNumOfChildren ,sizeof(XML_ELEMENT)); /*my max is 5 .. */

and now I get the problem : I want to use this function :

XML_STATUS xml_AddChildToEndArray(PXML_ELEMENT pChild , PXML_ELEMENT pParent)
     pParent->pChildrenArr->childrenArray + pParent->pChildrenArr->numOfChildren = pChild;

there I get the error ...can I get an explanation why it's wrong and how can I fix it?

I dont want to to :

'currentCell ->name = pChild-> name'

copying all values... just to make it point on the child


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You are saying something equivalent to n + 2 = 5;. That makes no sense. Do you mean n = 5 - 2;? – Kerrek SB Sep 4 '12 at 8:04

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If I understand you correct, you want to append an item to an "array" childrenArray in the structure childrenArray?

First of all you must make sure you have enough space allocated for the new array. This can be done with e.g. realloc.

Maybe something like this:

/* Allocate space for one more entry */
pParent->pChildrenArr->childrenArray =
            (pParent->pChildrenArr->numOfChildren + 1) * sizeof(XML_ELEMENT));

/* Copy the entry to the new place */
pParent->pChildrenArr->childrenArray[pParent->pChildrenArr->numOfChildren] = *pChild;

/* One more child now */

Edit: It seems you already have an allocated array with a maximum number of entries, then you don't have to reallocate:

if (pParent->pChildrenArr->numOfChildren < pParent->pChildrenArr->maxNumOfChildren)
    pParent->pChildrenArr->childrenArray[pParent->pChildrenArr->numOfChildren] = *pChild;

If you want to increase the size of the array when needed, you have to combine these two methods:

PCHILDREN_ARR pArray = pParent->pChildrenArr;

if (pArray->numOfChildren >= pArray->maxNumOfChildren)
    /* We need to reallocate */
    pArray->maxNumOfChildren += 5;

    pArray->childrenArray = realloc(pArray->childrenArray,
                                    pArray->maxNumOfChildren * sizeof(XML_ELEMENT));

pArray->childrenArray[pArray->numOfChildren++] = *pChild;
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but how can i do arr[x] ? i've allocated dynamically the childrenArray .. so when I do childrenArra[x] it's meaningless no? pChild is alreay an allocated pointer to the needed struct – user1386966 Sep 4 '12 at 8:20
and I'm using resalloc, just didn't write it cause this wasn't the main problem so I didn't want to trash this page :) – user1386966 Sep 4 '12 at 8:22

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