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I wanted to insert SpanElement into current (cursor) position of DOM. I use this VB6 function:

Private Function InsertSpan(Tipo As String, Nome As String)

Dim oSpan As MSHTML.HTMLSpanElement
Dim oCurElement As MSHTML.IHTMLElement

Set oCurElement = oDOM.activeElement

Set oSpan = oDOM.createElement("SPAN")

oSpan.Id = Tipo & "." & Nome
oSpan.className = Tipo
oSpan.innerHTML = "<b><font size='3' color='#000000'></font></b>"
oSpan.lastChild.lastChild.innerText = "[" & Nome & "]"
oSpan.Style.backgroundColor = "yellow"

oSpan.hideFocus = True
oSpan.contentEditable = "false"
oSpan.Style.verticalAlign = "middle"

oCurElement.appendChild oSpan

End Function

but SpanElement is appended to the current element. Thanks, Luigi.

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If I'm understanding your issue correctly, you could try replacing:

oCurElement.appendChild oSpan


oCurElement.insertAdjacentHTML "beforeBegin", oSpan.outerHTML

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Thanks but does not work. Look here ( oCurElement is body. – Gigi Sep 21 '12 at 6:52
Any chance you could include example HTML snippets for before, expected and actual? – Pastymage Sep 21 '12 at 20:25
I found the solution. Thanks. – Gigi Sep 25 '12 at 13:49
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I solved it replacing

oCurElement.appendChild oSpan


Dim objRange As IHTMLTxtRange
Set objRange = oDOM.selection.createRange
objRange.pasteHTML oSpan.outerHTML

Thanks to all!

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