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Suppose you have a class like the following:

public class Container {
Element topElement;
Element rightElement;
Element leftElement;

A possible DB mapping is done with a table Containers and another table Elements, linked by a foreign key like Container_ID. The table Elements will have a composite primary key made with Container_ID, the unique identifier of a Container object in the DB, and a flag indicating the element position (top, left, right, etc). I use EclipseLink as ORM persistence provider, but I'm not an expert, so I usually start from the database design and let Netbeans build my entities from database with the wizard. That way inside the Container entity I would get a Collection of Element, while I would like to have different fields (topElement, rightElement, etc) of the same type (Element). Is there a way to achieve that goal ?

Thanks Filippo

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You have a few options,

Just have the Collection variable, but provide get/set methods in your class that return the appropriate Element. (probably the best solution).

Provide a get/set method for setting the Collection and internally set the fields.

Use 4 separate OneToOne relationships instead of a OneToMany. You could customizer the mapping to query the type, or change the data-model to match your object model.

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Can you elaborate on the last suggestion, please ? How can I customize the mapping to query the type ? –  Filippo Sep 4 '12 at 15:02

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