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In an ASP.Net web page, I created a div and an iFrame to Popup another page in it, what I want to do is channge the dialog width from a button inside the dialog itself...

Is it possible? Thanks...

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Yes, to select something outside of iframe from within the iframe, use this:

 $("#WhateverIWantOutsideIframe", window.parent.document);

So from within iframe, do this

   $("#DialogOutsideIframe", window.parent.document).width(9000);
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Thanks man, but do you know how to get it too...? –  YMELS Sep 4 '12 at 8:56
Even easier. var mydialogbox = $("#DialogOutsideIframe", window.parent.document); //Now do whatever you want with the mydialogbox variable - that IS the dialog box that has been successfully selected. So $(mydialogbox).width(whatever); $(mydialogbox).bind(someotherwhateverevent) , etc. –  sajawikio Sep 4 '12 at 9:03
var dlgContainer = $('#container');

open : function(){
    dlgContainer.find('#width-change-button').on('click' , function(){ 
        dialogBox.closest('.ui-dialog').css('width', '700px'); //or use .width()
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