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I am trying to write a powershell script which call the .ftp file ( When Powershell call the .ftp script file which is use to upload a zip file to ftp server

here is my upload.ftp file code



    PRINT("ERROR in GetFile, exiting")
    # Exit with error code 1
    PRINT("File uploaded successfuly")


In Above code i return EXIT(1) or EXIT(0) to calling method ie powershell script file

my powershell script file code:

Invoke-Item "D:\USER\Raj\BLACKswastik DEV\FTPScript\Upload1.ftp"

Start-Sleep -Second 15

echo $lastexitcode

echo $?

here i want to fetch exit code which return by .ftp file script so i use $lastexitcode and $? but both of them not showing me proper results. IS there any other way to fetch the exit code of child process please suggest me.

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Try using Start-Process. You can get back a Process object that you can query later for an exit code e.g.:

$ftpPath = "D:\USER\Raj\BLACKswastik DEV\FTPScript\Upload1.ftp"
$p = Start-Process <path_to_scriptftp.exe> -Wait -PassThru -ArgumentList $ftpPath

The problem with using Invoke-Expression (or launching the exe directly) is that you're launching a Windows subsystem EXE and unlike a console subsystem exe, Invoke-Expression will return right after the exe has launched (and before it exits). Invoke-Item also returns before the Windows EXE has exited.

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Great.. its working... Thanks Keith Hill. – user1619672 Sep 5 '12 at 5:46


Invoke-Expression -Command "D:\User\...\Upload1.ftp"

instead of

Invoke-Item "D:\User\...\Upload1.ftp"
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