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I am using backstretch plugin as a slideshow on my website.

var images = [
, "images/bg5.jpg"
, "images/bg2.jpg"
, "images/bg.jpg"
, "images/bg4.jpg"
, "images/bg3.jpg"

These are my background images:

Slideshow starts with bg6.jpg and goes like bg5...bg2...bg... (same order in array).. between 10 seconds. Think that current displayed image is bg4.jpg. And visitor refreshed the page. It normally starts from beginning. I want the plugin to start from the last displayed background.

I worked on it a little bit, I can create that part (the one I copy-pasted) dynamically, but the problem is,how can I get the "current displayed background image" from backstretch jQuery plugin.

So, is there a way to get the current image which is being displayed by jQuery? If I am able to get it, I can set it from ASP.NET and after refresh, backstretch will start with that image.

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1 Answer

Something like this:


var lstimg = //Get your last image URL from DOM or whatever.jpg
document.location.href + "#" + lstimg;



//Make your code to look at #hash then to start from that image on document load

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