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I have this site that I need to find the root folder / plus the actual folder its works out of.

My problem here is that during development i have the folder with in my local server that in turn is with in its own folder:

Then online I then have the development site within a folder, so it can all be tested before the live production etc.

LOCAL SERVER: localhost/mytestSiteA/...


Now I can retrieve the root via the


But i need then to add the folder name after this so that I can load in content etc when in developement mode.


 document.location.hostname + '/mytestSiteA/'


 document.location.hostname + '/devbuild/'

But my issue is, is there an easy way to gain this inner folder rather than setting up variables determined on whether in local dev, live dev or live mode, as can be a pain, and would be nice to gain the current inner folder dynamically rather that manually changing etc so that I can add my paths correctly.

Also would help as if I have a folder within this that also loads in js script it can obtain its full path.

LOCAL SERVER: localhost/mytestSiteA/subsection/...


I hope I have made this as easy to understand and put across. Si

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try to switch

switch (document.location.hostname)
        case '':
                          var rootFolder = '/devbuild/'; break;
        case 'localhost' :
                          var rootFolder = '/mytestSiteA/'; break;
        default :  // set whatever you want

and then use

var root = document.location.hostname + rootFolder;
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thanks for this will have a look and let you know. thanks – Simon Davies Sep 4 '12 at 11:49

This is what worked for me after the switch clause.

var root = location.protocol + '//' + + rootFolder;
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You can map the url localhost/devbuild to localhost/mytestSiteA and use the first url to test your site locally. In your javascript you can always assume the devbuild folder then. That way you don't have to change anything else.

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