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I am trying to use JFormFieldUser::getInput as an input to my Joomla forms.

In the backend (logged in with the super user), when I call this method, it produces a nice 'select user' box when clicked displays a list of all users to chose from.

I have been trying to use the User form field on a front end form (logged in with the super user). The result is some what confusing and undesirable. A 'select user' link is produced, but when clicking on it, the result is that the super users, 'User profile' is loaded up: not a list of all users.

Why is this, and how can i make 'select user' show the full list of users like it does in the backend.

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Apparently it can't be done

The JForm (Joomla) User field is the Joomla core field that you can see in Joomla article form to select a user (lightbox with list of user). Becareful this field can not be used on front-end because Joomla core don't manage it on front-end... Often we replace this field on front end with a select dynamic field.

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I didn't have much luck with this. Instead I created my own component and added in the content from com_users. Worked a treat.

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