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In our new project, we want AppFabric Caching to become a key component. As a general guideline, we will have a write model/domain and a read model/domain : Backend services are notified by providers/others services and will put in cache some data, following business rules. Frontend services/websites will consume data as needed.

Read-Through/Write-Behind seems to be a good approach. But how to implement it for a real business solution ? Each example i have seen uses a simple query with ADO.NET for loading data. In our case, loading data is business-dependant and will involve many assemblies and interactions. Deploy all our business to each cache host seems not to be a good solution.

One another approach is to have a unique service per domain, responsible of get/read from cache and write/put into the cache. Not ideal and will degrade performance as it will be a wrapper to AppFabric caching.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate.

Thanks for help !

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