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I WAS successfully installed Android-x86-v3.2-eeepc in VirtualBox for a while. And it is a good method to help me to debug USB host applications on Android. The installation of such configuration is:

  • Install VirtualBox
  • Install Android-x86-v3.2-eeepc image into virtual HDD in VBOX
  • Set network as "host-only"
  • Enter console, type "dhcpcd eth0" to get IP address, like ""
  • Go to console of host, type "adb connect"

Normally, it should be all right to get connected to adb daemon running in Android-in-VBox.

Today, it suddenly prompts me as following:

C:\>adb connect
unable to parse as <host>:<port>

I tried to ping its IP. It has a fast response. I tried to enforce IP and port.

C:\>adb connect
unable to connect to

I have no idea about its root cause. I checked the firewall, VirtualBox is on the Exception List. It still doesn't work.

PC Configuration: Windows XP VirtualBox V4.1

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2 Answers

To connect Android virtual machine with adb follow these step

  1. On Android home screen, press ALT+F1 (Left alt). This will open a terminal with root access.

  2. Inside the terminal, type dhcpcd eth0. Execute the command twice, if you get an error or no result. This will give you an IP addresss. Now press ALT+F7 for close the terminal.

  3. Verify your IP address using the command ping <your IP Address>

  4. From the android terminal, type adb tcpip 5555. This will restart adb in tcpip mode.

  5. From your main OS terminal, type adb connect <your IP address>

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It worked! These are the steps that I was looking for. Thanks! –  Larry Battle Dec 11 '13 at 6:33
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I use bridged networking for the second adapter and use that IP address; i.e. adb connect You can get the IP in Settings->About Phone->Status.

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