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I'm having a little issue with a script I'm writing... let's say I have 2 functions :

function foo1 {
    while [ $# -gt 0 ]; do
        echo $1

function foo2 {
    foo1 $@

My problem is the following. If I do foo1 -o "file with space.txt" output is

file with space.txt

But with foo2 -o "file with space.txt" or foo2 -o file\ with\ space.txt, I get


Is there any way that foo1 receives "file with space.txt" from foo2 ?

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In function foo2, use double quotes:

foo1 "$@"

See man bash for details:

When the expansion occurs within double quotes, each parameter expands to a separate word. That is, "$@" is equivalent to "$1" "$2"

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