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I'm creating a jQuery online turn page and want my turn page to scale to fit the browser window. I want to do height 100% in my css but want to maintain the correct scale on the width so cant do 100% width.

Is there a way to do 100% height while maintaining the correct width of my turn page, it will be 2 A4 pages in a spread if that helps at all, here is the code I'm using atm to set a width.

 $(function() {
         width:  1000,
         height: 650

I'm using the booklet jquery plugin.

Thanks in advance

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You can set the height to the $(window).height() and then set the width to $(this).height()*0.65 etc. to keep the aspect ratio. – adeneo Sep 4 '12 at 9:33
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Try multiplying height with width() * 0.65 to keep the aspect ratio.

var width = 1000,
    height = width * 0.65;
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I decided to go with this and a combination of $('#containerDiv').width(); Seems to work well now. thanks for the help. – huddds Sep 12 '12 at 11:14

Try this in your code :

$('#mybook').css('width', $(window).width())


$('#mybook').css('width', $(window).width())
            .css('height', $(window).height());
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