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I can successfully get the contacts from google using OAuth gem in rails. my gmail configuration is :

    :expose => true, 

now i want to get contact from yahoo and hot mail. How to get that contact I have given following configuration in my oauth_consumer.rb file

   :expose => true, 
   :allow_login => true, 

   :expose => true, 
   :allow_login => true, 

when i am trying to do same like what is done in google it gives error like undefined methoddowncase' for nil:NilClass`

I have also tried contacts gem but fail to load contacts.

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Please try to use OmniContacts this will help you alot.

  1. In your gemfile

    gem "omnicontacts"
  2. Create config/initializers/omnicontacts.rb

    require "omnicontacts"
    Rails.application.middleware.use OmniContacts::Builder do
      importer :gmail, "client_id", "client_secret", {:redirect_path => "/oauth2callback", :ssl_ca_file => "/etc/ssl/certs/curl-ca-bundle.crt"}
      importer :yahoo, "consumer_id", "consumer_secret", {:callback_path => '/callback'}
      importer :hotmail, "client_id", "client_secret"
      importer :facebook, "client_id", "client_secret"
  3. Create an app to yahoo

    This will ask to verify your domain. So, just change your domain of localhost:3000 to or prefer your live server... (change host in local --- sudo gedit /etc/hosts)

  4. in your controller

      @contacts = request.env['omnicontacts.contacts']
      @user = request.env['omnicontacts.user']
      puts "List of contacts of #{user[:name]} obtained from #{params[:importer]}:"
      @contacts.each do |contact|
        puts "Contact found: name => #{contact[:name]}, email => #{contact[:email]}"
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Thank you nit, I have tried with the same. I forget to write answer for my own question. But I have uploaded the repo which shows the demo of omnicontact. Hopefully all was running but can't be sure for hotmail. – Anand Soni Jun 18 '13 at 7:32

In case someone having problem with Yahoo OAUTH authentication, and event if you had received access_token but having difficult time sending request to yahoo API or with yahoo YQL. I had created a detailed document here:

Detailed Step by Step for Yahoo API

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