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I have implemented an iPhone app..

in that i have two options 1. Send SMS 2.Send email in a page.

I implemented both functionalities and

Implemented code to get address book when taping on contacts text fields or on a discloser button.

enter image description here

From hte addresss book user can pick the contact and it will be displayed in the text field.

Now i need to display the selected contact person name as well along with the number in the text filed.

as follows for name DAVID

enter image description here


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if you have the person as ABRecordRef => if not please just show me your code to help you =>

then you could just do something like:

NSString* compositeName = (NSString *)ABRecordCopyCompositeName((ABRecordRef)record);

to get the compositeName. Its a human friendly composite name.

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yes its working –  user1645721 Sep 4 '12 at 10:58

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