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I am trying to read some variables from the necdf file but I am getting an error:

 A = get.var.ncdf(nc=f,varid="Evaporation",verbose=TRUE)
 Error in vobjtovarid(nc, varid, verbose = verbose) : Variable not found

Any help please,Best Regards

  "file has 9 dimensions:"
        [1] "lon   Size: 34"
         [1] "lat   Size: 30"
        [1] "veget   Size: 13"

  "file  has 113 variables:"
   [1] "double time_counter_bnds[tbnds,time_counter]  Longname:time_counter_bnds Missval:1e+30"
    [1] "float evap[lon,lat,time_counter]  Longname:Evaporation Missval:1e+30"
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I believe the correct name to refer to in the call to get.var.ncdf is evap not Evaporation. The longname is just a more descriptive name, the real name is evap.

A = get.var.ncdf(nc=f,varid="evap",verbose=TRUE)
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Yes It worked thanks alot –  sacvf Sep 4 '12 at 11:21

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