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I want to know how connection is established between my BB phone and BES? Is connection based on my mobile service provider or some other thing?

Can u tell me ,how is this?

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Usually a Blackberry is used in a corporate environment. Using the Blackberry MDS Dataservice a connection looks like this. The datastream is encrypted and compressed.

alt text

For a quick overview I recommend this video by Research in Motion.

Network Transports

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The connection between a Blackberry and the BES can be carried over the wireless carrier network, to the internet, to the RIM operations centre then by the internet to the BES; or by Wi-Fi to the internet to RIM to the internet to the BES; or by Wi-Fi directly to the BES (if the BES is local to the Wi-Fi connection); or by USB to a PC with Desktop Manager via the local area network to the BES.

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