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The Bundle display name in the info.plist is currently ${PRODUCT_NAME}, and I have created the localized InfoPlist.strings file and the localized string can be displayed successfully when deployed to phone.

However, when I do archive and in the XCode's organizer and I am still seeing the ${PRODUCT_NAME}, e.g. MyApp in the sidebar.

Are they normal?

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did you select " Build for Archieve" –  Vineesh TP Sep 10 '12 at 4:44
Did You get solution for this question. If any of answer from below please accept it. –  Vineesh TP Sep 17 '12 at 7:48

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That is totally fine and is the expected behavior.

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Do select Product-> Build For -> Build For Archiving

If The updated file is not come do this It will update in Organizer widow.

Product -> Archive

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I sometimes get there the display name of a library project I have included in my main Xcode project. It's kinda silly, but it stands as my App name in organizer.

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Make sure that the bundle identifier which you have used for your application is still active in your apple developer account where you have created the provisioning certificate.

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