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Is it possible to make it in a way if i type for example ./test sa or ./test wn to still have my function echo working? i tryed with [a] or [w] but it doesn't seem to work.

until [ -z $1 ] 

  case in "$1" in 

               wa) echo "hi just testing" ;;

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Firstly, the case statement is wrong - it's

case "$1" in
   wa) echo ""hi just testing" ;;

if you're trying to cascade options, then you can use 'or' logic viz.

case "$1" in
   wa|sn) echo ""hi just testing" ;;

If you're trying to cope with a typo of either character then you can use:

case "$1" in
  w?|?a)  echo ""hi just testing" ;;

the ? means match any one character.

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