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I have searched a lot on how to save a game in Unity 3D. Everyone has advised to use XML serialization or Player Prefs. What i am unable to figure out is what exactly to save. My game is a tower Defence game so when I quit i need to save

  • Towers (multiple Prefabs , location and each on a particular upgrade,animation currently playing etc)
  • Enemies (multiple enemy prefabs on the battle field, their position , animation , enemy path , health etc)
  • Enemy Wave
  • Path Calculations
  • Difficulty
  • Level
  • Score
  • Lives Left
  • Total money

what should be my approach trying to save all this information. What is the level of granularity I will have to go to ? . Can I save every gameObject and everything related to that game object will be automatically saved. or do i save every class ? ... or do i need to save every variable used in the game.

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If you only allow saving between waves, you won't have to take that much data (animations, enemy data, etc) into account. – Wesley Vrancken Sep 4 '12 at 11:39
Skip saving animation info, that's overkill. Same with path. Your engine should be smart enough to recalculate those based on current game state. What to save is harder to answer, it really depends on your game. Typically you'll save values that can't be generated by the current game state. – Jerdak Sep 4 '12 at 14:42

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