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So I am making a DB with EF 5 Code first, I have checked some guides and found some "important"/useful commands like: "Update-Database -Force -Verbose". However I know there must be more commands like these, something like: "Purge-Database", but no success in finding them. So my question is, where can I find all the availible commands and flags(for example: -Force, -Verbose etc) for EF 5.

I tried google but no luck, since query "EF 5 Console" etc has console and it gives result about console applications, which I don t want ofc.

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Excellent question. This needs to be added as a summary in the MSDN. –  Josh Nov 24 '12 at 16:19

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Just use:

get-help EntityFramework

to get list of supported commands and:

get-help Update-Database 

to get help for a queried command. Help for each command can give you information about extended help by for example using:

get-help Update-Database -detailed

You will probably be disappointed because there are only four commands provided by EF.

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