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While changing the dojo version from 1.3 to 1.7.3, I simply replaced all my dojo 1.3 folder files with dojo 1.7.3. After rebuilding my web application, I am getting error hxrFailed at dojo.js, line no 15.

What is the wrong that I am facing here? Do I need to change any existing code. Is there any document to refer for all the required changes.

Please help me to get out from this issue.


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Lots changed and there are some lengthy tutorials to help you migrate. Check out the documentation tab on Dojo's website:

1.x to 2.0 migration guide:

Updated buildsystem tutorial:

In theory the current (1.8) build system is backward compatible until 2.0, but in practice I'm not sure it is 100% backward compatible because my 1.6 build profile didn't work with 1.7.x and up. I didn't try that hard to get it to work though.

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I have gone through the same. the xhrFailed error occurred for me for multiple reasons. One of the reason was a missing a file in the define as below:


Another cause for the same error occurred was when a folder in a path of a dependency was renamed but not updated in the application build profile. (This case only if your are doing custom builds).

See if that is the case!

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