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I'm doing an order on all fields of a table (depending on the user's choice), however one column of that table contains a category (stored as an abbreviation) and those abbreviations are defined in a second table. How can I sort by category name? Example of the table structures below:

Table 1

title | amount | category_abbreviation

Table 2 -> for category

category_name | category_abbreviation
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Just join the tables and order on a field from the second table.

SELECT * from table1 
ON table1.category_abbreviation = table2.category_abbreviation
ORDER BY table2.category_name
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There's an error in that. Should be INNER JOIN table2 instead. – RRikesh Sep 4 '12 at 11:06
I edited your answer to remove the error. Thanks for the answer :) – RRikesh Sep 4 '12 at 11:07

Create a view and run your query from that:

    Table1.title, Table1.amount, Table1.category_abbreviation, Table2.category_name
    INNER JOIN Table2 ON Table1.category_abbreviation = Table2.category_abbreviation

and use that as your datasource. Or just use the SQL as your datasource, however you are doing it.

You don't have to select the Table2.category_name though if you didn't want to

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SELECT   t1.* 
FROM     Table_1 T1 
JOIN     Table_2 T2
ON       T1.category_abbreviation=T2.category_abbreviation
ORDER BY T2.category_name
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