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I have two database. One in Access 2007 and another remote in MySQL. The Access 2007 has to update the MySQL database. In Visual Studio there is tool under Data-->New Data Comparison which seems to compare the databases and synchronize them.

I have two challenges:

  1. Connect to MySQL database. It defaults to port 3306 and this is not the port I want.
    How do I change the that port to 3307 ?

  2. How to make this database show on Data Comparison so that I can compare my two databases i.e access 2007 and MySQL.

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I have seen where you can change port. After clicking Advanced under Connection, change from port 3306 to whatevet port you are using. –  Sithelo Sep 4 '12 at 11:02
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Regarding your first Question:

You can change the port number to 3307from my.cnf file.

Stop MySQL [3306] -> modify my.cnf ->Start MySQL [3307]..

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Where is the my.cnf file? I am using Visual Studio 2010. Its for interest sake as I have manage with the first question. See my comment above. –  Sithelo Sep 5 '12 at 7:40
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