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I am using jquery toastmessage http://akquinet.github.com/jquery-toastmessage-plugin/ however I have reached a limitation, and that is that the plugin only allows to have one position per page. The plugin outputs the following container:

<div class="toast-container toast-position-top-right"></div>

As a workaround I am trying to change that class at run-time, ideally I would be able to create multiple of these containers and call them by ID, since I don't want to change the plugin, I am trying to change the class at run-time after the constructor gets called by using the following code:

$().toastmessage('showToast', {
        text     : message,
        stayTime : 1500,
        sticky   : false,
        position : 'top-center',
        type     : 'notice'


also tried to use:


I think I am using the selctor wrong, because i get this error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: toast is not defined

How do I properly select that class? Any alternative ideas how to enable multiple positions? TIA

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Fixed it by using two functions that toggle the class attribute:



Still not ideal, but it's a quick workaround.

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This worked for me! – JoelCDoyle Sep 11 '12 at 14:50

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