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Is there any way to cancel/stop GPUImageMovieWriter and GPUImageMovie after running startRecording and startProcessing?

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Recently, a new method was added to the GPUImageMovie that allows to cancel the processing of a video file:

- (void)cancelProcessing;

This will allow you to effectively cancel the processing of the video and no more frames will be processed.

Take into account that your GPUImageMovieWriter's completionBlock will be called anyway, so you should have some kind of flag to check if the block was called for a successful finish or by a cancellation.

Here is some example code:

- (void)processVideo
    _wasCancelled = NO;

    self.imageMovie = [self createImageMovie];
    self.filter = [self createFilter];
    [imageMovie addTarget:filter]
    self.movieWriter = [self createMovieWriter];

    [self.movieWriter startRecording];
    [self.imageMovie startProcessing];

    [self.movieWriter setCompletionBlock:^{
        [self.filter removeTarget:movieWriter];
        [self.movieWriter finishRecording];

        if (!_wasCancelled) {
            // Do stuff with the video

- (void)cancelVideoProcessing
    _wasCancelled = YES;
    [self.imageMovie cancelProcessing];
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Assuming that self.movieWriter is GPUImageMovieWriter, you need to set a callback before invoking startRecording and startProcessing:

[self.movieWriter setCompletionBlock:^{
    [self finishFilter];

And then you can stop the image processing with:

[self.movieWriter endProcessing];

And the callback is:

- (void)finishFilter {
    //remove all targets from your filter chain calling "removeAllTargets"
    [self.movieWriter finishRecording];
    self.movieWriter.completionBlock = nil;
    self.movieWriter = nil;
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What if I don't want to "finish" it? When I say "cancel" I really mean cancel; I don't want to save a partial movie. – John Estropia Sep 28 '12 at 2:24

Why. There is a cancel recording option.

[self.movieWriter cancelRecording];

The videos are not saved if it is interrupted in any way.

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