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Is there a global object that is accessible from within a jade template with various parameters?

Is there a global variable with the path of the currently executing jade file?

!!! 5
    title Test
    //- I want to be able to know what the current script file is...
    p Hello, I am: #{globals.scriptfilename}
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If you're using gulp-jade, add gulp-data to the mix and use this code:

var jade = require('gulp-jade');
var data = require('gulp-data');

    .pipe(data(function (file) {
        return {
            relativePath: file.history[0].replace(file.base, '')

This will give you a relativePath in your jade templates that is something like about/index.jade, relative to the base folder.

I'm not entirely sure of where/how that file.history is generated, but in my case [0] pointed to the original filename (with its absolute path on the disk)

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There is a global variable. You can use Node's util.inspect(object) to view it's contents.

It automatically replaces circular references with "[Circular]", unlike JSON.stringify().

Using a boilerplate Express app, I found these:

  • global.process.argv == ['node','/Users/mike/Development/test/web.js']
  • global.process.mainModule.filename == '/Users/mike/Development/test/web.js'
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