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     <div class="sortable-sections">
            <fieldset class="section draggable" id="flSectionType">
                <div class="btn-drag section-handle hidden-view">
                <div class="section-header">
                    <span class="section-label">Job Requirements</span> <a class="section-info" href="#more-info"
                        title="Minimum Education, Minimum Work Experience, Required Licenses/Certifications, Required Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities needed to perform the job.">
                <div class="sortable-items">
                <a class="section-add-item hidden-view" id="addJR" href="#add-item" data-item='{"id":"addJR","template":"requirement","item_type":"Job Requirement"}'>
                    Add a new Job Requirement</a>
       <fieldset class="section draggable">
       <fieldset class="section draggable">

The above code will generate a list of sections which can be dragged with in the sortable-sectons.

I am using the following script to remove sections manually and adding it back to sortable-sections, but it is not registering the jquery events.

 var $section = $('.sortable-sections').find($('#flSectionType');

After appending the section, the event which are registered for the section-add-item css classes are not triggering. Note: instead of "on" used the "live" method. but it is not holding all attributes.

Edit: Event code:

   $('.section-add-item').on('click', function (e) {

instead of drag and drop, manually i am ordering the section on initial load.

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Where's the code for the event being wired up? Or are you using a jQueryUI function like sortable/draggable? – MHollis Sep 4 '12 at 12:07
If you are not using JQuery 1.3, do not use .live() as it's deprecated. For 1.7, use .on(), otherwise use .delegate(). – Endy Sep 4 '12 at 12:08
Not a single line of event related code here, so can't give a definitive answer. If that's all the code you are using, then it's just that - you have zero events going on here! – sajawikio Sep 4 '12 at 12:15

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.section-add-item must already exist when adding the event and the usage of on is wrong

$('body').on('click', '.section-add-item', function (e) {


instead of the body you can add another parent of .section-add-item that already exists before .section-add-item is created.

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thx for guiding me.. – VIJAY Sep 4 '12 at 12:36
I fixed this issue by using detach instead of remove method. – VIJAY Sep 7 '12 at 4:44

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