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Hi I'm trying to make something like CMS with widgets so I have a folder widgets in my app folder there are my widgets for example app/Widgets/UsersOnline/UserOnline.php I loading them from db with widgets model in beforefilter method in appController and there i pass them to the view, so with a widget helper I would like to render them on the position. But i can't get to the folder widgets/UserOnline/view.ctp with view->element() method this method require file to be in Elements/.

TLDR / Actual Question:

Is there any way to load files in view outside the view/ and /elements ? Thanks in advance.

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You can use relative paths when calling the element:

<?php echo $this->Element('../../Widgets/UsersOnline/UserOnline'); ?>

Don't forget to name your element file 'UserOnline.ctp' too.

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Worth noting these can be absolute too. For example: APP .DS. 'Path' .DS. 'to' .DS. 'element' (note the core APP constant is an absolute path). – Ben Graham Oct 4 '12 at 23:07

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