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Consider this JSON object, which may be used as options data for a select element in HTML:

{"dropdown_options" : [
          {"id" : "received", "title" : "Received", "value" : "received"},   
          {"id" : "approved", "title" : "Approved", "value" : "approved"}, 
          {"id" : "rejected", "title" : "Rejected", "value" : "rejected"}

How can I reuse the above JSON object to define another JSON object?
Something like this:

{"select" : {"id" : "message_carriers", "options" : "dropdown_options"}}

EDIT: The above code sample is part of a .json file.

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What you have is not a JSON object, it's an object defined via object literal syntax; – Matt Sep 4 '12 at 12:18
JSON does not support references, try YAML or XML – Esailija Sep 4 '12 at 12:20
I see. Thanks for the link, Matt. – Vineeth Sep 4 '12 at 12:22
@Esailija: Nope, strictly JSON – Vineeth Sep 4 '12 at 12:27

What you mean is

var jsonobj={"dropdown_options" : [{"id" : "received", "title" : "Received", "value" : "received"}, {"id" : "approved", "title" : "Approved", "value" : "approved"}, {"id" : "received", "title" : "Received", "value" : "received"}]};
var selectobj={"select" : {"id" : "message_carriers", "options" : jsonobj}}

Mind, that in the second line the variable name is given - so no quotes.


From comment I take, that the JSON objects are created from files. So, assuming that the first object is in jsonobj and the second (without the "options") in selectobj, you just need to




to link them together, without the need for variables in the primary definition.

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Makes sense. I'll give that a try – Vineeth Sep 4 '12 at 12:25
You might also want to look at var selectobj={"select" : {"id" : "message_carriers", "options" : jsonobj.dropdown_options}} to avoid unnecessary depth. – Eugen Rieck Sep 4 '12 at 12:28
I forgot to mention that the above code sample in the question is in .json file. So cannot use variables, like you've mentioned in your answer – Vineeth Sep 5 '12 at 9:21
Updated my answer. – Eugen Rieck Sep 5 '12 at 10:50
Thanks for the update. But what I needed was to reference a "JSON Object" from within the .JSON file without the need of manipulating the JSON definition in a seperate javascript file. – Vineeth Sep 7 '12 at 10:09

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