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I am trying to redirect view page to another view page by cliecking button of viewpage. Ex,

I have two Pages 1. Student 2. BookIssue

I have to filter StudentName. In this viewPage I have one textbox and one submit button. When i click on Submit button it should take me to BookIssue Controller with studentName which was entered in textbox.

I have to TempData to get the value in another model But I Thinks not the good practice to use this in the code

Please help me on this issue.

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Try RedirectToAction result with studentName in rout parameters

public ActionResult Student(string studentName)
    return RedirectToAction("index", "BookIssue", new { studentName });

Then receive studentName in BookIssueController.

Also you can redirect by typing action name and controller name in form of student page

@using (Html.BeginForm("index", "BookIssue"))
    <input type="submit" name="Go to Book Issue"/>
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