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I am using Sphinx to generate the documentation of a number of projects of mine. I have written a simple build script that clones down all their git repos, finds the docs directory and executes:

sphinx-build -b html -D html_theme=treffynnon -D html_theme_path=/home/user/_themes /home/user/sphinx/src /home/user/output/docs

Unfortunately, whilst the html_theme gets set correctly the html_theme_path does not. This of course causes Sphinx to spit out an error when it is unable to find the theme.

How should I be formatting this command? Is it even possible to specify html_theme_path in this way?

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This looks like it is a known bug:

To work around the problem I just used sed to do the substitution in the config file for me:

sed -i "s|#*html_theme = '.*'|html_theme = 'simonholywell'|g"                
sed -i "s|#*html_theme_path = .*$|html_theme_path = ['$BASE_DIR/sphinx/_themes']|g"

As my Sphinx projects are all in git I can then just do a:

git checkout --

to remove the sed introduced changes after completing the build process.

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